When and where do you meet?

Our monthly meeting is the** first fucking Friday of every month** at 7am, at Level Office in Pioneer Square, Seattle.

We do other fun stuff, too. Check the events page for more details.

Who is FBomb for?

FBomb is for current and aspiring female founders who are looking for mutual support on their entrepreneurial journey.

What do you mean by “founder”?

Great question! We mean any woman who started and is an owner of her company – from small business to venture scale.

What if I haven’t started my company yet?

Totally cool. If you’re honing your idea or gathering your resources to launch, you’re already one of us.

How do I sign up to speak at a breakfast?

Read the event details for the specific meeting you’re interested in. Priorities for the mic are FBombers who actively attend and have a story on the month’s topic related to their entrepreneurial journey.

I have a product or service I think is of value to women entrepreneurs. Can I join?

If you’re running a business and want to collaborate with other women running businesses about the business of running businesses, we totally want you to participate! If your primary interest is selling to FBombers, consider sponsoring a breakfast.

I’m not an FBomber. But I love what you’re doing. How can I help?

We love you. Please contact team@fbombbreakfastclub.com for information on sponsoring an event to help keep the badassery going.

What else is FBomb planning?

We can’t wait to tell you! Sign up for the newsletter for updates and sneak peeks into what’s next.

I don’t live in the Seattle area. Is FBomb coming to my community?

Maybe! Want it to? Contact team@fbombbreakfastclub.com and let’s talk.