Being an entrepreneur is lonely.

In the beginning, it’s just you and your idea. Later, it’s you and people who are counting on you. Maybe there’s somebody wondering yet again if you’re going to make it home for dinner, or story time. Maybe there is nobody at home. Your friends have perfectly predictable schedules and personal lives. They do things. Other things besides work. But not you. You have this dream. It’s all consuming. It’s awesome. And it’s fucking lonely.

Launching a business isn’t just lonely, it’s also a white knuckled ride to Whoknowswhereville. A death defying leap into a big black hole of WTF. Maybe you’ll hit it big, transform an industry, and people will write books about your legend. Maybe you’ll land yourself in bankruptcy court with a side gig where you started, bussing tables. Maybe both. Who knows?

Add to this loneliness and scariness the exhausting daily manifestations of misogyny that plague the startup world, the business world, hell, the world. The routine bullshit of being doubted. The persistent presumption of incompetence. The belittling and objectifying. It can wear you down. After all, it’s meant to.

Why on earth would you try this alone?


If you haven’t found your tribe, it’s time.

Surround yourself with women who dream as big – and bigger – than you do. The ones who believe in what you’re doing, even in the moments that you don’t.

Flood your life with the kind of women who know when to push you, and when just to sit back and listen. Women who will offer connections and resources when you need them. Who will not only mentor, but champion and evangelize on your behalf. Let them lift you up on the days you feel deflated.

And then be that woman for them.

Because this is so much more fun as a team sport. And we’ll go so much further together.