We call bullshit.

While women-owned business are growing 5x faster than all businesses, and women of color are driving the growth, women and especially women of color remain grossly underfunded. In fact, in 2016, female founders received a mere 2.19% of venture capital funding. And from 2012 to 2014, only .2% of VC deals went to black female founders.

And while every woman-owned business isn’t positioned for venture scale or seeking funding, this craptastic number is a fair indicator of the daunting challenges women entrepreneurs face.

Launching any business is hard. Launching a business while being patronized, minimized, and second-guessed is fucking ridiculous.

This is #WhyWeDropFBombs

It’s also why we're here.

The FBomb Breakfast Club is a free monthly gathering for female founders. We meet on first fucking Fridays to cuss, cavort, and collaborate. In between, we convene online and IRL to get shit done.

From FinTech to fresh foods, from coaching to consumer goods, our companies are unique but our commitment is the same: we’re in this together.

We are also committed to inclusion. The FBomb Breakfast Club is a community of diverse women, including women of color, lesbian and queer women, and trans and non-binary badasses who identify with us.

We dream big, and we do big. Today Seattle. Tomorrow the world.


No Ordinary Support Group

The FBomb Promise

We deliver all of the support and resources female founders need to launch and scale their companies, and none of the patronizing bullshit.

A Tribe of Badassery

If you haven’t found your tribe, it’s time.

Surround yourself with women who dream as big – and bigger – than you do. The ones who believe in what you’re doing, even in the moments that you don’t.

Flood your life with the kind of women who know when to push you, and when just to sit back and listen. Women who will offer connections and resources when you need them. Who will not only mentor, but champion and evangelize on your behalf. Let them lift you up on the days you feel deflated.

And then be that woman for them.

Because this is so much more fun as a team sport. And we’ll go so much further together.

Join the F*Bomb tribe!

Love Notes from FBombers like You

"I'm feeling motivated and energized to reach some goals I've been putting off! Thank you, F Bombers!" 

"I cannot tell you how energizing it felt to be in a room of BAMFs that are making shit work all over the place. It helped lift some of the heaviness and isolation I feel a lot as my business has grown. Thank you all for just being fucking amazing to experience."

"Thank you all for the warm embrace and the opportunity to meet so many amazing women!  Exactly the community and sisterhood I've been looking for." 

"It was f*cking fabulous being with you all this morning. You know it is going to be a good time when the sign on the door says F-Bomb Here." 

"What an amazing, nourishing, uplifting, real, honest, inspiring group."

"More than I could have imagined. You are all an inspiration... I feel refueled."

"I'm still buzzing from the electricity in the room this morning. …. You inspire me to keep showing up for myself, my business, my colleagues, my clients and for you."

"Definitely worth waking up for!"

"I am NOT a morning person but I feel like one when I attend."

"BEST way to begin the month ever! Energizing company. Inspiring leaders. Friendly community."

"I show up because this feels like a COMMUNITY not just a network."

Find out what all the buzz is about!